Woman Nurses Injured Squirrel Back To Health, Squirrel Comes Back To Say Thanks


Today we have a rather unique story about a little friend that a woman made while she was nurturing it back to health. Animals are quite remarkable, we never think of them as loyal or even having complex emotions such as compaction and allegiance, nonetheless at times they prove us wrong. Here is a story of a squirrel that came back to say thanks to the woman that nursed her back to health.

The woman in focus is Sheila Mattie; she revived a call from her friend telling her that she had found two baby squirrels in need of some help. After Sheila got the call, she knew what she needed to do. One of the squirrels had a broken paw; Sheila understood that at such a condition it would be pretty difficult for the baby squirrel to survive. She would have to give him undivided attention and medical aid. She gave the other baby to her friend and decided to focus on the baby squirrel with the broken paw. She took the squirrel home with her and named him Crash Bandipoop. Slowly, under her care and nurture the squirrel got better and better. No surprises there, with such love and dedication there, is bound to be positive results.

The time Crash spends with Sheila wasn’t antisocial, to say the least. Sheila remembers it well. According to her Crash was quite social as he would be hanging out with her sisters, five-year-old daughter, and even their dog Diesel.

It is quite unusual to hear such things as we don’t really associate squirrels with being communal. Most squirrels we see don’t even like to be seen as it would seem. Nonetheless, it was all due to the amount of trust he had in this family and in Sheila.”We’d even seen Crash jump on Diesel’s face once, and since we raised him such, he let Crash jump on him like a jungle gym. While I had him in my care, I fed him so many things as he would get tired of them pretty quick. He loved trying all sorts of new things. He would have many adventures, and even if he were out of my sight, he’d never go more than five feet far from me.

He would always be looking for me as if he needed to know where I was at all times. To know that I was with him and if he couldn’t find me, he would freak out.He loved sleeping in my bra and to be honest I even took him to work with me once or twice. No one could’ve imagined that I had a baby squirrel in my bra as I was working.”

After Crash had completely recovered, it was that time. Sheila knew that it was now the right moment for Crash to go where he belonged. She wasn’t a baby anymore and needed to be where he could live a more natural life. And so Sheila took the difficult step however she hadn’t thought that it would be Crash that couldn’t live without seeing her again. Once a week after Sheila released him in her backyard, Crash would return to see her foster mother. And ever since that day, he has been coming to meet her.

“He was bouncing all over like a psycho, so I knew it was time. It was time to release him. I couldn’t think to just let him go anywhere, so I let him go in my backyard.” She said. “After not seeing him for a week I was sure he wasn’t coming back, but then one day after I had a horrible day I came outside and there he was, waiting for me on my back porch. He jumped right on me no problem and had come back every single day since. He loves his mama! And I have a best friend for life!”

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