Each one of us is fighting different battles in our daily life. Sometimes these battles get the best of us. We are left wondering if we will ever get pass them or are they going to haunt us forever. There are nights when your past makes you bury your face in a pillow and scream out loud or on the other days you find yourself to be lost while you are between the crowds. It gets difficult to fight back all these negative feelings and push yourself to pursue a normal life.

People have found different methods to fight back their demons which have been lingering on. Some choose to talk about them to others, some choose to go for therapies, some choose to meditate and some choose to get themselves inked in order to remind themselves that their energy and power is greater than these tiring and consuming issues. Movements like semicolon project provided people with strength and hope that their bad days will not last forever. These acted as their driving force to let people see every next day with positivity.

Let’s see some of these powerful tattoos that have played their part in motivating people and made them see light at the end of the tunnel:


A semicolon means that the sentence has not ended and there is more to it. Similarly a semicolon tattoo showcases that your life is not meaningful and there is always more to it. This tattoo also stands for mental illness awareness and it has helped several people to fight their depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The ground thought of this movement is that suicide can be prevented and it is certainly not the last option. Life is beautiful and even if today isn’t as good as you want it to, tomorrow is definitely going to be full of light and sunshine.

A semicolon tattoo can be paired with your favorite word and make the meaning of the tattoo more powerful. People who get these tattoos inked find their will to live and to do better after looking at them. The word attached to the semicolon augments its intensity and power to turn thoughts towards positivity. These give them hope and courage to fight with depression and suicidal cloud misting over their positivity.

Ampersand if seen closely is styled as a broken infinity. Where infinity represents that anything and everything will last forever, ampersand projects that nothing lasts forever. There is an end to our problems, negative forces and dark days. The bitterness of our life is not going to last long and we will see better times in this life. People get this carved on their skin to remind themselves that there is always an AND.

LOTUS: grows in muddy water but maintains its purity, dignity and beauty. The meaning of this tattoo is that people rise up after being surrounded by adverse conditions and stand tall against all the problems that continuously push them back. Like lotus people who find the courage to do well and win against their demons tend to be come out stronger than before and can find themselves to be beautiful than ever.

A more detailed lotus says a lot more about the struggles and fights a person had to battle.

Kind words can change lives and they can act as magic for people who see no good in this world. Sometimes when you have lost hope and the world seems gloomy, words that bring a smile on your face or which makes you look forward to the next day are all that you need. Lotus of your choice with your favorite quote can give you more strength and power to push yourself to deal with the daily life monsters. So why not gift yourself with words that can bring a smile on your everyday.

We often see in movies that while fighting the actors pull an arrow with all their force to attack and kill their enemies. People who are under the attack of depression and suicidal tendency should pull themselves as hard as an arrow, hit their problems and stand gloriously proud of themselves. Life pulls us back when it is preparing us to give something beautiful and worth having. It is only us who can change our condition and make our life better.

The word “AFTER” is a tattoo serves as a reminder that the time of our lives when we are facing hardships and we see no hope is just for some time, it is soon going to end. It’s just a test that we have to go through. The result of these sufferings is always a good time which we will cherish and feel elated on its arrival. After autumn the flowers will bloom with all their glory.

Nothing is forever inked on your skin gives you the push to get out of your bed when you find no reason to. When you think that ending your life is the only option left this tattoo will introduce you to the positivity in your life. Nothing remains forever not even the things which want to make us kill ourselves. Life is not easy for some of us but the reminder that whatever is making it difficult will end very soon gives us a hope to live.

MAKTOOB: the word maktoob means that it is all written. Whatever unpleasant is happening in your life will come to an end. There is going to be a new beginning which is going to be bring you happiness. It’s you have to stay strong and believe in yourself and in your life. Nothing lasts forever and while we are on this roller coaster ride of life we need to stay strong till we get back our good days. Bad phases always open doors for good phases. We just need to believe in it and stay patient till we are happy again.

Viking symbol means that “where there is a will, there is a way”, to have this tattooed on your skin you make yourself aware of the powers that you possess. There is nothing that you can’t do in order to change your situation. Yes, it is not easy the outside forces make our adverse conditions unbearable but we should not forget that we are stronger than them. We are the ones who have the power of a superman and we should be our own superman.

It is not easy to adapt any changing scenarios or circumstances but change is the only thing that is constant and we need to make peace with it. Our circumstances will change, the monsters of our life will go away because if there is only thing that is always going to happen is “change”. We need to make our self-comfortable to deal with the changes that our life will throw in our court. This is one of the approach to a happy life. So one should stay open in order to change and become better.

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