VIRAL VIDEO: Outrage After Cop Recorded Winning A Fight With A Woman


A lot of the times among all the rap songs about F**k the Police and the funny donut loving cartoon personas of the cops we see on TV, people tend to forget that police officers, are trained professional with legal obligations to subdue you if they see you are breaking any laws.

As part of their job, they need to make sure that civilians follow the rules laid out for them and they are allowed to use force when they see it to be necessary. However, most folks have seen it another way. We see it way too often now that people tend to fight with cops and other law officials. As they see it them oppression. The police are there for a reason, and while we do admit that there are a few rotten eggs here and there, you can’t honestly believe that the whole police department is just waiting around the corner, baton in hand waiting to give you an ass whooping.

There are quite the consequences for an officer misusing their power and especially now when almost no one trusts them to be fair. However, it is their job and if it requires them to be violent, they will. I guess what we are trying to say is if an officer asks you to come out of your car, you do that. You don’t fight them, we thought that was common sense.


The story today is about an office that did what he thought was need to be done while confronting a woman that was resisting arrest. In the video, we can see that the officer tries to get the women out of the car and she isn’t will at all. Now here is where the officer decides to use force and he hits her on the head, and that makes her loosen her grip. Thus he can get her out of the car, but by her body language, you can see that she went limp trying to use her weight from keeping the officer from taking her away. The idea didn’t work as the office dragged her along with him away from the car and right as the camera is focused on the officer we see that his body language changes and he pulls out his gun. And as the camera goes back the woman’s car we see that a man is standing there with his hands up. Now because of the angle, the video was shot at we are unaware of what was happening in the car.


Another thing to point out is that the video starts right off with the confrontation. Understandable as most people would take out there phones when things get hot. So we are unaware as to how it all lead up to this.

So at this point, we have a pretty negative image for the officer to go by.


However, according to the officer the woman was caught driving with a suspended driver’s license. And as soon as he tried to arrest her, she went hostile. According to the daughter of the woman in the video;

“They need to be able to nonviolently arrest people, they need more training,”

Which is quite an odd statement if one is to think about it. How to nonviolently arrest a person that is hostile and noncompliant? Please share any ideas you guys have on the subject. And do mention how a police officer should nonviolently arrest a criminal. We are eager to know your responses.

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