Traits of a Strong and Flexible Relation


The beauty of a relationship lies in the highs and lows and cadences of life. Similar to the transitioning of the seasons that foster reverence and wait in the hearts of the nature lovers. If it wouldn’t have been the changing seasons all would appear monotonous and monochromic. The relationship between two individuals runs on the same principles and demands from them patience and endurance. You must have often become perplexed upon seeing a couple that imbues strength, understanding, and resilience. The reason why some relationships are brick strong while others only last a mere blow of wind.

Finding out why some relationships last longer and are able to withstand every difficulty is not a Gordian’s knot. Everything requires sweat and blood to function perfectly otherwise it rots with negligence. That is how we treat the ones we love, with care and love. There are certain factors that moor relationships perfectly to understanding and care for each other’s sentiments.

Even the lovey-dovey couples we come across daily in real or on the social media accounts that are brimming with the evidence of their budding and blooming love that has endured every season. Below are the traits and characteristics that underscore the qualities strong and resilient relationships cherish.

Being Transparent

The weakest point of a relationship is when the two partners start keeping secrets. A smooth relation requires the two of the people to be open and honest with each other. Instead of steering away from issues and hiding things from each other confront the situation and be open. Unwrap the issues you have been running away and keeping a secret and pour out your consent and feelings to each other.

Avoid the Blame Game

The blame game and the bickering that comes with it is common. But the ideal and resilient couples are not only pragmatic but make it a practice to first ponder upon their own mistakes and how they could have made the situation better instead of pointing fingers on each other. They are well aware of the fact that no one is perfect and that their other half too is, like the rest of the human kind, flawed. And that they should be forgiving towards each other. The strong couples are quick to first look at thing from each other’s perspective to avoid fights.

Finding Humor During Rough Times

The daily survival tasks have already incarcerated people in a pressure cooker! With such adversaries instead of losing their cool, the strong-bonded people find humor to circumvent nasty fights with regrettable consequences. It is one of the best quality in such couples to pass away troubles by light and funny talk. This way the frustration one feels goes away and so does the trouble. So, find humor in adversaries. In difficult times, each other’s support is what the partners look for, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to firmly hold on to while taking each step. Strong couples never leave their partners side and stay in the thick and thin.


The hallmark of the longer-lasting relationships is perseverance. They are aware of the precarious path life offers and how with tenderness, trust on each other and care for each other they can turn the precarious road into the solidly paved path on which to walk. Instead of mind reading, they go out and ask each other for their opinions rather than assuming things. Assumptions most of the time leads to a blow on a firmly built relationship.

Moving Ahead rather than looking back or a standstill

Even the best of people have the tendency to heart others by years of piles up pain and anger, the resilient partners try their best to focus on taking their relationship ahead instead of clamoring about past issues. It is always about forgiving for them and accepting of each other’s fault and then letting them go. The more one piles up things in the heart, the more forcefully they splurge out.

Relationships are delicate, and they can only be nurtured with patience and love. It is always in the best of interest of both the parties to practice the characteristics above to have a more meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Together come up with solutions and value each other. These are key qualities that lead to a healthy and flexible relationship.

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