Top Reasons to Visit Belfast


For a very long time, Belfast has been shrouded with tales of trouble and sectarian violence because of which it failed to make it to traveler’s bucket list. However, recent years have witnessed Belfast to emerge out of the cusps of bullets and guns, and transform into a vibrant city.

Belfast is a concoction of rich art, music, history garnished by appetizing food and beautiful landscapes. If you still have doubt, here are the reasons which make Belfast a must visit destination.

The Cathedral Quarter

Belfast has been split into quarters. Each quarter is distinct from the other and has its own uniqueness and charm. The Cathedral quarter is one of them and is also referred as the cultural quarter. As it centers around a Cathedral, it has been named the Cathedral Quarter. Its cobbled streets are reminiscent of the past and house great bars and restaurants, which make an amazing spot for a night out in Belfast.

The Black Cabs

The tourists are drawn to the black taxi tours and prefer them over a sightseeing bus around the city. The black cabbie drives you on a private tour, enlightening you of each area political and historical significance.

The Titanic

The story of Titanic is famous from occidental to orient. However, the unfortunate ship was built here in Belfast and it has nothing to do with the tragic end the ship met. The residents of Belfast are proud to be the makers of the great ship and have built an attraction to display the story. The Titanic gives one a panorama of life at the time, the production of the ships, and the history of the emergence of Belfast as an industrial city.

Game of Thrones

For all the die-hard fans of Game of Thrones, this one is irrefutably for you. Northern Island is where the Game of Thrones is filmed. The filming was interspersed across the country as well as in the Titanic Studios in Belfast. The GOT fans can tour the filming locations which comprise of The Iron Islands, Winterfell, and the Twins. Moreover, you can converse with any of the residents to know more about the much-loved Jon Snow!

The Natives

Most importantly, the people of Belfast are the most welcoming, humble, and friendly people, which adds to the beauty of the city. No matter where you go, you will come across people who are ever-ready to tell you stories of the city, of GOT, or recommend you places.

These are few of the reasons that make Belfast a must go destination! SO pack your bags, its time to tick something off your to-do list.

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