Top 5 Bitcoin Wallets you can Use In 2018



If there was ever a time to invest in Bitcoins, it was yesterday. Seeing the last year’s price increases should be clear indications that Bitcoin is on the rise and is going to continue on this upward path. Therefore, all the lucky people that did invest in some sweet, sweet Bitcoins need to keep their investments safe. No one wants to lose their hard-earned Bitcoins, am I right? While it is pretty difficult to lose your cryptocurrency, unless you messed up somehow, nonetheless there is still a possibility of losing your Bitcoins.

Yes, Bitcoins are powered by the block-chain technology which cannot be hacked however there are ways around that, and it is quite possible for you to lose all of your Bitcoins. The thing is that you have to keep your Bitcoins at online exchanges and those, in particular, are not he safest place you want your money, in other words, they can be compromised. There have been such cases where millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoins were lost because the exchange was hacked. You should try a Bitcoin wallet; they are a sure way out of this problem. As the name suggests, just like a regular wallet, these are wallets are for the safekeeping of your cryptocurrency.


Just like any service online there are a lot of wallets out there that you can choose from and many not so legit ones as well. So, here I will be giving you the names of the top trusted Bitcoin wallets that you can use in 2018.

Now the order in which I talk about these wallets doesn’t matter I am not ranking them amongst themselves.

1.Coin-base Wallet:

Coin-base is a primarily a Bitcoin exchange, but it is not among the most known ones. Even though it is not that popular in the exchange aspect, Coin-base also serves as an online wallet for your Bitcoins. Coin-base has great security measures like the two-factor verification, and an option called the “Vault,” which basically gives you complete control over your Bitcoins. With such good security measure, Coin-base is among the top Wallets.


If you are looking for a hardware Bitcoin wallet than Ledger is another good pick just like Trezor. Ledger will keep your Bitcoin safe from online hacking just like Trezor would. A drawback to this is that if you want to make any transactions, you can only do that when the device is physically connected to a computer.


For those people that have a gigantic stash of Bitcoins, their safest bet is for them to go for a hard Bitcoin wallet. One such option you have is Trezor. Now, what is a hard wallet? Well, a hard wallet is actual physical drives that you carry with you where you can keep all of your Bitcoin keys. Furthermore, using a hard wallet means no third party providers.

Using such wallets such as Trezor can make it possible for you to keep your Bitcoins safe from any and all risk. The wallet will cost you around a $100. And if you ask me that is not a lot to pay. You can even make transactions through a computer that has been compromised because hacking the extra layers of validation is not something people can do.

Another online wallet, supposedly making 100 million transactions, is The high volumes speak for themselves; they have put a lot of time and effort into their novelty and security. is the wallet where the OGs of Bitcoin have kept their cryptocurrency.


If you are not ok with the thought to put your Bitcoins in a not so known wallet than here is one with a solid reputation, Electrum is a free desktop storage app, one that has been around since 2011 making it one of the oldest one in the market. You can easily download Electrum Bitcoin wallet app on your Android device through Play Store, but iPhone users are going to have to find another option as this is an Android-only app.

With Electrum you are going to have complete control over your private keys, something that is not offered in most online wallets. All you have to do with Electrum is keep the private on. You also have the Two-factor authentication for the extra layer of security, and if that is not enough, Electrum even supports hardware and cold storage wallets.

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