Quick and Explosive Before Bed Workouts: Tone Your Body Today!


Exercise doesn’t really excite a whole lot of people. There are those out there that love fitness training so much they can’t think of their lives without it.However, those are a minority of people in a sea of man and women who would rather just stay at home and watch Netflix.Yet, deep down who doesn’t want an aesthetic body?

We all do but we are not that disciplined to go day in and day out to the gym and do challenging workouts. We’re that lazy, or we can make time to go to the gym, having other priorities and such.
We want a fit body but don’t want to or can’t go to the gym for it; so, what can we do? How about a compromise?Not all workouts have to be done on machines, and most body parts can be shaped and tone with bodyweight training; no gym or weights required.When it comes to women, they all want a cute butt and a set of toned legs to go along with it, and through a few simple bodyweight exercises, they can have that.Aside from looking good, our legs have to handle most of the heavy lifting throughout them, every day. Keeping them healthy should be your priority. Let’s get you acquainted with a few easy to do exercises that will have shape, tone and strengthen your legs and butt.

1.High-Knee Raises:

Try starting off with this exercise. It can even be used as a warmup if you like. Along with the High-knee raise targeting your upper/lower thighs, it also puts your glutes and butt to work along with your claves and even offering your core a slight workout. With the overall body movement, this is a great way to sweat and lose those calories along with shaping your legs and butt.


Keep one leg straight and raise the other knee as high as you can without compromising your stance. You need to be in an upright standing positing at all times. Keep repeating the movement one leg at a time, and that’s all there’s to it. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, back straight and shoulders back, don’t slough your shoulders. And keep your core engaged so you won’t have any problems balancing while you are on one leg. Do the exercises a fast pace but one that you can keep without losing balance. You can choose to do the exercise for a selected number of reps or for a said amount of time usually around 7 to 8 minutes.


There is no better exercise for overall development of your legs and butt than the squat. It is one of the three major exercises and for a good reason. The squat focuses on all of your leg muscles along with your butt, and your core.Whether you’re skinny and trying to the full up or if your goal is to lose extra fat and tone your lower body the squat is a must do you.

The squat can be performed both with and without weights (both with the help of dumbbells or a barbell). However, we are going to be focusing on the bodyweight version.


Keeping feet shoulder length apart, back straight thought out the movement with your shoulder up and your head straight bend your knees so you can go down. On every trip down, you have to go at least beyond parallel to the ground then come up with keeping the form intact. You can keep your arms in multiple positions as it doesn’t affect the exercise. Just place your hands where you feel most comfortable without breaking your form. When coming up make sure that you push with your heels and at the top of the movement you squeeze your butt for a few seconds before going down again. The motion is supposed to be fluid and continuous without any sudden bursts. Start by doing 30 to 40 squats and see how you do. The number of squats you do depend on how many you feel you can handle. But do increase the number of squats you do as time goes on.

3.The Lateral Leg Raise:

The lateral leg raises focus on the inner thighs, hips, lower back, and butt. The exercise is very convenient and good way to introduce some to a workout that doesn’t like to work out. It too is a simple and easy to understand and do exercise that anyone can do.


Lay on your side and make sure that your body is in contact with the ground, you have to be straight and make sure that your body moves from that place. Keep both legs straight and then raise the leg that is on the top. Elevate it as high as you can without moving the rest of your body and at the top hold it for a few seconds and then put your leg down slowly and repeat. Do three sets of 15, 12 and 8, respectively and if you like to increase the intensity either increase the reps of getting an exercise band so you can have tension on your leg when you raise them. Simple place the band on both of your legs, making sure that it is tight and raise as usual. You can use your elbow and hand to balance your body further while you do this exercise. Keep in mind that you have to perform an equal number of reps for both legs.

4.Inner thigh lifts

This exercise does what exactly what its named after. The inner thigh lift is going to target your inner thigh so you can have the thigh gap that you have always wanted. With the following movement, you can have a set of beautiful and efficient thighs. Most of the positioning of this exercise is quite similar to the lateral raise; you just have to change a few things to make it more intensive on the inner thigh.


Keeping yourself placed as you would you’re a lateral raise or when getting ready for a side plank, take the leg on the top and place your foot in front of your thigh, kind of like crossing legs. Make sure not to move the bent leg at all and that it is firmly in place. The leg you move is the lower one. Raise and lower your leg as you would for the lateral raise. Stop at the top for a few seconds and come down slowly then back up.Perform a few sets of these, and you will have slimmer and well-toned thighs.

Key Tips:

Make sure to breathe in sync with the movements of the exercise. Do not hold your breath while you do any exercise.

All exercises have numerous variations. Make a choice keeping in mind your body type, goal, strength, and flexibility.

Do the number of reps that you feel fatigue you. Don’t just do 15 reps when you could have done 20. Work according to your level of endurance.

Start eating clean. You don’t have to go full vegan in a day. Start small, switch your sugary drinks with water. Cut down the junk food you eat gradually.

Get patient; you can’t get rid of years’ worth of damage in a day. Keep at it. Don’t lose focus. It won’t take you that long, but it is not gonna happen in a day.

Be consistent. Workout daily; you don’t have to go to the gym or even own any machines. Just try to do what you can with what you have but consistently.

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