Series of Intimate and Raw Photos Chronicles Mom’s Changing Post-Partum Body


Becoming a mother is an experience like no other. Becoming parents is one of the most exciting and terrifying thing at the same time. It is not only scary, but for women, it is very painful as well. However, no matter what negativity you hear about motherhood, women that do get pregnant describe it as this magical experience that they can’t equate to anything else. Becoming a mother means a lot to most women. Having that feeling, knowing that you have a life growing inside you that is something pure magic. The whole process of becoming a mother is one big journey. However, most people see the journey ending after the baby is born whereas in reality the journey just hits a turn and continues on. Today we are going to be discussing the journey most people overlook. They way back from that destination. We will be talking about post-delivery body transformations of women.

Today we will be talking about how this woman shared her story with the world. She showed that there is a side of becoming a mother that no one talks about. There is the long and hard recovery that you have to make post-delivery. You feel blessed, despite all the long and hard days behind you. You love your child despite how much pain you had to go through for them. And you welcome them into this world despite the fact that you had to change yours completely just to make room for them.

And while you are all busy doing all those things there is one task you are left to deal with as well. You have to make a recovery and get back to the way you were once before.

Now, this may not seem a big deal as celebrities have kids all the time and we don’t see as to why this should be a huge topic. Most people in the general media make quite quick recoveries. They almost instantly lose all the extra weight, they don’t get any stretch marks nor do they suffer from any scars. Their experience almost seems unnatural if you truly know what it is like to go through a pregnancy.

We really shouldn’t have to explain why that is; the resource that these stars have at their disposal, the dedication they have to look camera ready you should know by now that they can’t afford to be slow.

Now imagine you are someone that has no role model in their lives. Someone that doesn’t have anyone to tell them what it really is like to have a baby. Even if they do know what it is like, going through such drastic changes is a scary experience, to say the least. If can be quite daunting for women to get back to the way they were before they were pregnant. They don’t have the time, energy or the money to make the changes happen quickly.

So you find yourself with a body that isn’t too flattering, and you see your old pics and think to yourself perhaps those days are gone. Such feelings can transform into shame, shame for not being able to do something that others have. Even if you know that someone only did it because they had all the needed resources, it doesn’t help with the feeling of envy.

However, women from all over are trying to break this façade. Here is another such woman that shares this story. If you don’t know what is going on with that, you can go and look up the hashtag #takebackpostpartum.

Without any further delays here is the story. On January 17th at around 11:10 pm this lovely woman here became a mother for a second time in her life. The pregnancy wasn’t an easy one, no not by a long shot.Through her blogs, we find that this was indeed quite the difficult time she spent. And if you like to more on that, you can go to her original blog right here.

She describes her second experience as a time where she couldn’t even walk without pain. She was put on assisted reproductive therapy, and she shares that her body tore and broke as she fought for her baby. She goes on further saying that there were days where she couldn’t even walk. Which is especially difficult for her to digest as she would, in her own words, run marathons just for fun.

Can you comprehend the mental status of a person that was in that physical shape that they could work out and run marathons for fun, and now they can’t even walk. That is not a welcome change. However, it is something that women must go through to bring their love into this world.

She goes on, showing how her body transformed slowly after the pregnancy. Really highlighting how long it can really take just to recover. And even then there is a pretty big chance that you won’t go back to exactly as you were.

The very first pic of her we are introduced to is of her right after 24 hours of birth.



It is here where you can clearly see that there are a lot of differences in reality and the delusions made up by the media. We are sure that a lot of people thought that the bump would go away as soon as the child is born. Well here is a woman that has had her baby. You can clearly see that you were not up to date with the details of our human bodies.

Now, before we move any further, we would like to point out that we are in no way against childbirth. We can understand that it might sound like that we might be but that is not what we want to convey. And as it has been some time since we mentioned why we have written this article we think we should reference it once more. What we want is to let people know of the struggle as well as the impractical notions about post pregnancy. As it can lead to some psychological issue that we don’t want people to have. We don’t want mothers to freak out if the face the same issue as does Julie here.



Next, she explains how your body’s functions drastically change. How her breast size increased so much, how she always feels uncomfortable with her chest feeling as if it is on fire, her body fluids are constantly leaking from all over and even that most of the online videos are a load of bull crap. On top of all of that, we learn that she has been having huge blood clots coming out and that she has to keep them for inspection. There is a lot of protection that she has to wear now just to make sure that her pants don’t look like the new evil dead movie.

She goes on further to describe all the hormonal changes she has been feeling that are emerging as constant crying, extreme exhaustion and the list goes on. And on top of all of that, she still has to care for an infant child that uses crying as a means of communication.



The next picture here is taken after a week of the delivery. As things are not, we would’ve imagined them to be. We can still clearly see the “baby bump” if you will. And even though she does seem to have lost some weight, we also see that her stomach is showing distortion.

Julie says that even after a week, she still has the same kind of watermelon belly. It is lumpy and squishy at the same time. And if anyone was wondering about her being able to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes, no she is nowhere near there.



The next picture we get to see hits the 2 weeks mark. And even now we get to know that she is still bleeding, she still has a bloated stomach. Though we can see in the pics that it has gone down a bit, but nonetheless it is clear that there are lumps present and the shape is nowhere near once it was. Needless to say that in all this time she hasn’t had much intimacy with her husband as well as that is a huge no, no right now. Laterally everything hurts of hers at the moment.



10 weeks off and we see that only now can we see some noticeable change to her physique. However, as she explains that her body is still frail and that she hurt her leg but just walking. Even though her stomach is not more blotted, now what she has to deal with is a jiggly tummy. Loose skin that wobbles around.



The next pic is taken after 14 weeks. Now finally we see some positive changes in her physique. Only now is she able to perform light exercises to get her muscles to recover. And she says that she has had her first period after the pregnancy which is also a good indicator that her body is going back to normal. We haven’t been with Julie on her journey, but we have experienced it, a tad bit, through her words. And even though her post-delivery has been challenging, to say the least, she says she would do it all over again. In fact, she is hoping for another baby, baby number 3.

This might be quite confusing for women that are not mothers yet, but this is it. This is what it feels like to be a mother. To bring life into this world. You go through so much, and none of it is present, and yet as soon as you are done, you want to do it all over again.

And that is what leads us to the core message of this article and Julie’s blogs. What you go through is hell. You fight each and every day, and yes that will leave you with scars. So you won’t look like a, and that is completely fine. You don’t need to feel ashamed of your body if it has imperfections, or if it takes longer to recover. Be proud of what you have accomplished, and that is bring a life into this world.



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