Karlie Kloss Says She Lost Modeling Jobs When Her Body Changed From Birth Control


If you are not familiar with the model, Karlie Kloss here is a short intro. Karlie Kloss came on to the modeling scene in her teens and ever since then she had been picking up speed. Like most models, Kloss was a size 0, which made her one of the perfect candidates to show off various chains of designers.

Even though people always say that the size 0 is not a healthy representation of the human physique, it is still a requirement for the modeling industry.If you don’t think that is relevant let us tell you the experience of Karlie Kloss in this particular field. Since her teen years, Kloss has moved up a few sizes. It is natural that our bodies change after we have left out teen days behind. And so, Kloss went from a 0 to somewhere between a 4 and a 6. Now that is nowhere near what one can call fat or even moderately out of shape, but she believes that this change in her build cost her some gigs. In her own words;“When I started taking birth control pill I noticed that my body became more womanly, hips and thigs became more prominent…” she says further that; “At the same time I saw that I started to lose jobs; I stopped getting booked for the runway and designers stopped hiring me as much. It wasn’t a present experience, to say the least.”

She goes on and says that even though this whole ordeal made her feel as if her world went upside down, she still found some good in this revelation.”I’d always seen the bar as Gisele [Bündchen]. To me she was the pinnacle of success in modelling, however, that was not productive,”
“That’s when I had a discovery: I understood it was time for me to do me, to embrace the things that make me who I am.


Kloss has come out and said pretty clearly that she now focuses only on her self-care. In a statement she said that;“I don’t get to stay still very often. And so I had to learn how to take care of myself and feel on top of the situation in such a routine. When I’m not asleep, I’m working out in the same place doing the same thing day in and day out…I love to dance and move in general. There’s nothing more gratifying than a good workout.” We can imagine it is especially tricky for Karlie to do so as she absolutely loves cookies. Nonetheless, she has to set her priorities. She has even mentioned this fact numerous times in various interviews that she is going to keep a much keener eye on her diet from now on.“I think throughout crunch time I’m just a little more careful about the sweets…I have a major sweet tooth. I started a cookie line because of it, but still gotta indulge and enjoy life.”
As we too have quite the sweet tooth, as we are undoubtedly many people do, we also can relate to her struggle between keeping that waste line in a jumbo Oreo shake. All joking aside it can be quite challenging to make the choices necessary to keep your figure looking a certain way. And for people like Kloss, it is everything. Their career is focused on this one aspect of their being. So they really need to keep things in check.

Similarly, what this and stories like this are reminiscent of is the dedication that is required to move past your desires to obtain something special. Moving away from the easy stuff to get something valuable in the long run. Even though it is challenging to do so, yet you do it because you have the discipline to keep moving along the right path whether it be the hardest one.

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