Improving your relationship with your child- Birthday planning



Birthday is a special occasion for both parents and children. The most special moment in a couple’s life is when they climb a step in life and become parents by welcoming an angel in their lives. To cherish their child’s birth and to make this day memorable for the child, parents make every possible effort to celebrate their child’s birthday in the most exceptional manner every year. Planning for a birthday can be fun rather than being a hassle. It may sound like a small thing but trust me, planning a birthday can be a tricky thing and most of all, it is the most important day for your young one.Therefore it has be flawless. You have to take care of a lot of things, the food, the decorations, and the atmosphere. It might sound difficult but, we’ve made things a lot easy for you. To plan a birthday smoothly, unnervingly and successfully one just has to follow the following steps:



“Oh no! I forgot to buy the hairclip with the costume, or the quantity of the pizza slices are less, what am I going to do now?” We often see the parents or the organizers panicking at the day of event after realizing that either they have forgotten something or the quantity of something is not satisfying. Mismanagement creates tension in the environment, and the moods of the guests along with the organizers are effected. To refrain from doing such blunders on the day itself, a CHECKLIST should be maintained by the parents in which every major to minor details e.g. from the quantity of food to the boxes of tissue papers is to be noted. The checklist should be maintained from the day you decide to have a birthday party, and gradually all the things should be jotted down.


While preparing a guest list, your focus should be at the kids and not the elders. Parents mostly worry about inviting their friends and relatives rather than focusing on the child’s friends and cousins. You can divide the list into four parts: school friends, neighborhood friends, cousins and the adults. In case the venue is not very spacious then adults should be invited if the child is very small, siblings of the parent or very close friends. If the place decided for the birthday is spacious enough then you can invite as many adults as you like. Just like the checklist, the guest list should also be worked upon from the very first day of planning because really don’t want to miss someone out and then hide your face or apologize later. You know how embarrassing it gets!

Tips Birthday Party Invitations Designs with smart design 4 – The Give Card



Yes, we are just a sms and call away from our loved ones in this era of technology but let’s just print or make handmade birthday cards and maintain the essence of the traditional birthdays. The invitations could be themed base as decided for the birthday or it could be any colorful birthday card too.


“Mama I like spider man!” or “Mama I want to dress as Sophia on my birthday.” This is what we get to hear usually from kids. While choosing a theme for your child’s birthday ask him/her how they would like their birthday to be. Theme should be solely of a child’s choice so that he/she can be whatever they want to be on their special day be it a king/queen or a superhero. Themes could even be of any specific color. E.g., choose the pink color as a theme color, and the decorations, dressing, and cake could be of the chosen color. The theme gives life to the party so the more the birthday is according to the theme the more fun it is.



This is the most attractive thing of the party after the theme. It is the most focused part of a gathering. The menu should be set according to the guests and typically not just biryani for everyone. Since it’s a kids birthday party snacks, for munching, and something that the kids would prefer like pizza, spaghetti or pasta should be added to the menu. One or more than a dish could be catered for the adults, depending on the budget, which they would enjoy having and not just feed their kids and leave the empty stomach. Other than cake any sweet dish can also be added e.g. ice-cream which is loved by everyone. It should be a balanced menu catering both the kids and adults choices.



As cakes are in the limelight in a birthday party, they should be chosen wisely. The baker should be perfect at his work, and with food, the cake should also taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The quality, quantity, and taste shouldn’t be compromised. There can be more than one cake for a birthday. One could be according to the decided theme; one could be a cake that would weigh enough to serve everyone. Cakes should be enough to serve two servings per person. Cupcakes could also be served with the theme cake. Cupcakes could be themed as well which will enhance the beauty of the party.


You can hire an event planner to make this day extraordinary. They will do all the work, and you can sit back and relax. The venue will be decorated according to the theme and dramatic effect will be given to the place which will make the place lively. Some of the best planners are Eventage, The Palm and Tulips event with some other event managers on the list. Local event planners could also be hired and the ones who work as freelancers. The major reason is to hire an event planner who will do the job with all their heart to make your day a special one.


End your child’s birthday party with a bang. Don’t let the kids go empty handed. Design some goody bags with items such as sweets, stationary or a small toy in it and wave the kids goodbye with a small token of thank you for joining your child’s birthday and making it unforgettable for him/her. Say cheerio to the kids with not just a normal farewell but one that they will remember later on.


The budget for a birthday needs to be calculated wisely. You don’t want to overspend either you want to be like Scrooge, a miser. The budget could exceed from 5000-30000 or more depending on how much you want to spend. The charm is not in spending more, but the trick is to spend wisely and efficiently. Design your budget categorically and spend that portion judiciously, this will make your event reasonable and worth attending.

So next time before planning any birthday consider these tips and enjoy a wonderful, impressive and a memorable event. Good Luck.

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