Hardworking Teacher From Perak Captured Checking Exam Papers Even After Being Hospitalised


In today’s world where everything is now linked to materialistic approach and choices, there are some people who choose welfare and the betterment of the society. During our student life we come across some teachers who are a guiding light for us. They are the ones who are the epitome of grace, dedication and diligence. Teachers are considered as our second parents. They hold our finger and make us explore the world in every way possible.

They shape our personality in the best possible way. They make us the beautiful human that we are. They do not just teach us certain subjects but allow us to learn how to live our lives morally and ethically. They are the role models for us.

But why am I writing about teachers and their importance today?

Read further to know an amazing beautiful story about an exceptional teacher.

A teacher from Perak, a primary school, was witnessed performing his duty on a hospital bed. Twitter user Nisa saw a glimpse of her teacher checking exams copies on the hospital bed. He was hospitalized because of his fluctuating sugar level, yet he didn’t give up his duty. The illness made him weak and dull but he choose to focus on making his students future than looking after his health.

He didn’t want to delay his student’s results and this made Nisa catch his attention. Nisa shared his picture on social media with the following caption, “I am so sad to look at the picture. He was never that skinny before. Even when he is ill, he still prioritizes his students. I am so touched by his sacrifices.” She wanted to draw everyone’s attention to this noble man for doing such a noble act. He deserves all the prayers and love from everyone around him.

Nisa’s teacher name is Shahrul Nizam Hussin, he was discharged on the 2nd April. Nisa and other classmates appreciated his effort on a social media chat. The students were overwhelmed with their teacher’s dedication towards their future. It isn’t easy to love and be honest with your duty with such intense motivation.

Students, often, come across teachers who step into this profession to make big money. They do not understand the true meaning and sacred position of the profession. They are not able to inspire children, and sometimes are successful in making students hesitant to approach them. We all must have dealt with a teacher who is not empathetic or understanding in any area be it studies or life. Such teachers repel students, and their classes turn into a pain. We really don’t want to attend their classes.

On the other hand, there are always some teachers who are our guardians. You feel protected and strong under their company. They are always there to guide you and show you the right path. You can discuss every kind of problem with them. They will listen patiently, and advice you like a best friend. Such teachers are a blessing in disguise. You will want to attend their classes every day. Each learning experience turns out to be fun and informative. You whole heartedly want to listen to their lectures. They bring positivity in your life. They are the ones who forever be a part of your memory.

We should all salute and pay a tribute to our hard working teachers. They do all the efforts in order to lead us towards a bright future. Teachers mold us into who we are. Our major part of success is because of their dedication and love with which they taught us and enable us to read and write. Not every teacher will be your favorite, but there will be some who you will cherish throughout your life.

Teachers like Shahrul Nizam Hussin are truly serving the humanity. They are honest to their students and to their jobs. Such teachers are hard to find, and once you find them you should you should pay all the respect possible to them as they are the true gems in this selfish world. I hope we find more teachers like him, who are adamant enough to not let anything become a hurdle in their duty.

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