Your Fingernails Could Be Warning You About Health Issues

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Fingernails don’t really come to mind when we think about health, for personal hygiene? Yeah sure we’ll go to a salon but what we don’t understand is that our nails can tell us a lot about what our health. We need to learn what the coloring of our figure nails as it will help you know about a lot of deviancies that you might be facing. So here are a few common color distortions that your fingernails show when your body is facing a problem.

1.A Visible Shade Of Yellow:

Now there is a difference of maybe yellow nails and completely yellow nails if you see that there is a little too much yellow action going on you need to stop and listen to this. Having yellow figure nails is quite common, but that does not mean that it is safe to ignore that, yellow nails are a warning sign your fingernails give. What might cause yellow nails? You might ask, well usually fungal infections are the answer. In other and rarer cases they also indicate more serious conditions like diabetes, thyroid disease or lung disease.

Bringing it down a notch, yellow nails can also be a caused due to smoking. So you might wanna quit smoking.

2.Having Cracked or Weak Nails:

If you feel that your nails are quite frail than that can be a sign that the nails are extremely dry hence you are lacking in the fluids department.Another thing that might come with having cracked nails is thyroid disease. Wants some more bad news? Well, it is said that Hypothyroidism can also cause you to have cracked nails. Doesn’t that sound fun?

3.Having Rough Nails:

If you have rough nails than one of the causes might be a defective of development in the layers your nail plate.

People that are suffering from psoriasis seem to have this problem quite often. If you want to know more about the disease, you can just click on the hyperlink provided, but I am not sure why you would want to it is not a pretty sight to see. Moral of the story is, take care of any abnormality you see in your body as fast as you can.

4.Having Ridged Nails:

Usually, we see that our nails are quite symmetrical when it comes to their edges, and we all know that a healthy nail is supposed to be smooth in texture but what if you see that you have horizontal ridges on your nails? What then?While one of the more timid reasons for that could be direct trauma to the nails, there are other reasons for having such ridges. This is more like your body ignoring your nails on purpose, why would your body would do such a thing? Well as we mentioned before that our bodies are smart. You can even say that they are much smarter than we give them credit for. I mean our bodies are masters at substitution to hide our flaws and fight tough battles. Long story short, this is basically your body is saying “nails are not key at the moment, I need energy for something much more important.”

5.If You See Your Nails Bluish:

If won’t take a medical expert to solve this mystery, if you see that your nails are going blue or a light shade of blue than your body is lacking oxygen. It’s the nails and fingers are not as important as the heart, and other organs bit all over again.

Now, why is that lack of oxygen being cause? That can have a multimode of reasons ranging from possible lung problems and heart problems. Don’t speculate too much on the matter that is not your job. Do to your doctor and let them figure what is wrong.

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