Exercises to do at home to tone your body!


A lot of us struggle with where we are in life. Perhaps we didn’t want to have such a job that we are stuck in, or perhaps we thought we’d find love by now. Life isn’t easy, each one of us needs to fight hard every single day to make it in the long run. But you can’t do that if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you wake up in the morning and you don’t have the energy to deal with the day ahead you are not going to have a pleasant time. You need to take control of your life and for that you need to be absolutely filled with energy and positivity. If you stay inside the house moping you are not going to accomplish anything. Today, in that spirit, we will be helping you out with one of the 3 major things you need to implement in your life to kick your day’s ass. Here are some at home exercise that you should give a shot if you want to have a more toned body.

Why work out?


Most people don’t see exercise as a necessity or even as a positive activity. What they see it as is a luxury. Who has the time to go to a gym, right? Or I can’t keep a strict diet, I’m on a budget!
If you are someone that thinks like that then you don’t know what fitness is buddy. We would recommend you stop watching those Instagram fitness icons for a bit and try to dial things down. Working out or exercising doesn’t mean that you have to look like a huge muscle monster or that you have to look like a bikini model. All it means is that you get off the couch and do something active. Our bodies weren’t meant to be so stationary, however out lifestyle is and so we need to get out bodies back into shape.
Working out will give you tones of health benefits, confidence boosts as well as a sense of accomplishment that most people crave. You will feel more energetic, more beautiful and healthier each day. Now it will take time to get there and you will have to be consistent so don’t give up hope.
Top exercises to get your body into shape at home!

Now with that out of the way, here are the exercises that you can start out with if you haven’t been too keen on keeping up with the latest gym craze.



Now since you haven’t exercised ever in your life we can’t expect you to do a lot of full body work. You need to stay patient and go slow. So we are recommending a partial crunch that you can do for your stomach. Partial? Well don’t try to move all the way up to your knees, just tighten your core and contract your abs as you come slightly up. Think of the motion as you are trying to see if you left your zipper open.

Breathe in as you go down and breathe out as you go up.

Leg raises:


While the traditional leg raises are to be done hanging, you will perform the exercise on the ground. Find something comfortable with won’t hurt your lower back as you perform the exercise. Keep your legs straight, as well as your body. Keep your hands under your lower back so as to give it some security. Make a V shape with your hands as you do. Now slowly raise both of your legs as your breath in, and keeping your stomach as tight as you can. Breathe out when you lower your legs and try to go at your own pace.

While you should rest your feet on the ground on each repetition, but since you are just a beginner you are allowed that much. Slowly, over the weeks you can try to perform the leg raises without your feet touching the ground until you finish the set.

Australian pull-ups:


Pull-ups are in no way an easy exercise, but the Australian versions are one that you can perform. This version requires you to get underneath a bar that is only a few feet above the ground. Half of your body, i.e. your legs, are constantly touching the ground thus removing a huge amount of weight from the movement. The rest of the movement is complete the same and works the same muscles just as effectively. In fact, this exercise is used to train people that can’t perform a pull-up. So it is a great strengthening exercise.

Hip thirst:


If you are looking to stimulate your glutes and hamstrings than this is the exercise for you. And if you didn’t get what we mean by that, this is a great exercise for your butt and legs. Now, you do this exercise by placing your upper back on a bench or a bed in this case, next you have to make a sort of bridge with your body for that you need to keep your knees in a folded position and let your bottom hand down. After you have secured yourself and feel that you don’t fall off the bench all you have to do is extend your hips forward and squeeze your butt as hard as you can on the top of the movement. Now you can add a bit of weight to this exercise but for a beginner, this will be pretty good either way.

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