Doctor Brings Joy to an Ill Child through His Dance, a Child That Hadn’t Even Smile in Days


Philosophy says that happiness is like a protective layer that offers us shelter from the actual threats to our health. There have been numerous cases of people that have seen the arms of death and that process sped up due to their unhappiness. Now today’s story isn’t about something as sanding as that.

Today we are here to embrace laughter as we see this doctor dances just to put a smile on one of his patients.


A doctor in California is taking dedication towards his patients to the next level. In order to lift the spirits of one of his patients after an operation, the 42-year-old decided to dance. Tony, the doctor in question, was recorded shaking it and busting a move. And yes we are using such corny words because things this sweet can make anyone go back to those time. Since that day Tony has decided to make his dancing skills a part of his treatment. And he quite frequently useless this approach to its fullest potential. Tony says that he believes a smile and being more interactive with his patients is a much more powerful way to subdue pain than any painkillers.

Among his long list of treatment methods, Tony includes bops, shimmies, and frolics for all his patients at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Due to this unique approach to medicine Tony has been dubbed the nickname “Dancing Doc.” A highly appropriate title if we do say so.


“Dancing with patients is essential because it adds happiness and joy to the hospital experiences.
What I’m doing is right. The CHOC’s commitment believes so as well, it is all for preserving the magic of childhood and ensuring patients don’t have to put their childhoods on pause.”
While most people might think nothing of this. Or to maybe consider this as the doc being childish that is not true. As the doc explains that what he aims to do with his dancing approach is to save the “magic of childhood” within these kids. Seeing such a harsh side of life at this early age might leave the kids in a psychological state that is less to be desired. Especially if the kids are as young as Tony treats, that is something important to keep in mind.

We are quite glad that Tony has pledged to continue his form of medical practice until his medical career ends.
“Some Studies show when people smile or laugh and become more interactive, it affects the brain much more strongly than some pain medications. It has clinical value, this allows me to assess a patient’s physical abilities, their mobility, and even the recovery process.

I recently had a patient who was unenthusiastic to get out of bed after surgery, but when I came in one morning to see him, an invite to dance got him out of bed and moving. After we finished bopping, he kept going and starting doing laps around the hospital floor, it was absolutely amazing.”
And if you were wondering how the patients are feeling about their Dancing Doc here is some info on that form the nurses.


According to them a lot of the patients specifically ask for the Dancing Doc. So it is safe to say this unorthodox means of treatment is going to stay and perhaps rub off on others as well.

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