All The Camera Effects From The iPhone 8 Plus’ Enhanced Portrait Mode


Who doesn’t a love a good picture? That is the reason why every major smartphone company is investing heavily in camera technology. The same is expected from Apple, as it has included a wide range of camera effects to its all-new iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 7 plus introduced the raved portrait mode last year, and this year we saw something entirely new as five cool lightning settings are introduced in the iPhone 8 plus. The camera mode is called portrait lightning which utilizes that dual camera functionality to adjust lightning around the subject you are focusing on for the different effects. Along with that, facial recognition technology plays a huge role as these effects revolve around the detection of the human features.

Below I have mentioned the all 5 lightning settings.

Natural Light

This is the first portrait lighting setting that you can see in the iPhone 8 plus. The natural light is pretty similar but not the same as iPhone 7 plus’s portrait mode function. When showcasing an in-depth feel in the captured photos, your subject will appear in focus which will be against a blurred background.

Studio Light

Studio light brings the professional portrait studio touch into your photographs by brightening them when you switch to this particular setting. The facial features of the subject you are focusing on like the hair, clothes along with some parts of the background will also appear brighter. This setting is best suited for the indoor areas where there is dim lighting. But there is a drawback, which is that the effect may look less natural to us, because of the skin that may appear a few shades lighter than normal.

Contour Light

This is probably by the phenomenal makeup technique of contouring. This new feature by Apple will make your cheekbones prominent. This effect highlights shadows along with
Perhaps inspired by the iconic makeup technique of contouring, Apple introduces Contour Light which makes your cheekbones pop! The cool effect accentuates shadows and highlights on your subject’s face, giving it a more defined and sculptured look sans Kim Kardashian’s beauty contour kit.

Stage Light

This is probably the most dramatic out of the five effects. Stage Light captures your subject and blacks out the background. When you switch to this setting, a small circle will appear on the screen to detect your subject and also to direct the light to the face, before capturing the outline of your targeted subject

Stage Light Mono

The effect is the same as Stage Light. The only difference is that your highlighted subject/object will appear black and white.

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