9 Reasons Why She/he Might Dump You for Someone Else!

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Relationships don’t always work out, you could be doing everything that you can, and still, you may end up breaking up with your partner, or they might dump you. That is the fact of all relationships that they can end due to a number of reasons that you may not have been paying attention to at the time.

If you look back and you see where your fault was that is excellent, this means that you will be ready, and you will not make the same mistake twice. But, what if you don’t know what you did that caused her/him to dump you, then what?

Well, following are a total of 9 simple reasons why most relationships end on a sour note. Most of the time, the guy/girl that got dumped doesn’t even realize that it was these things that caused their partner to dump em in the first place. So, be sure to keep yourself in check; don’t make these relationship killing mistakes.

1.You lie to them:

There is no one out there that like being lied to. You cannot expect to lie to your partner and have a happy ending. Lying can get you out of a temporary situation. However, it gets you stuck in a permanent one, and since lying is so easy, you do it again and again, and again, until you eventually get caught and all of the lies you told they come out. Your screwed, your partner feels like a fool for trusting you and nothing will kill your relation faster.

Don’t lie to your significant other, if you do they will eventually find out and trust me if you don’t treat them right; there are people out there that will.

2.Lack of Emotional Support:

This is something that most dudes are insensate towards. We are strong and macho, feeling F**k that nonsense. Yeah… if your partner is going through a crisis you need to provide them with emotional support, and if you can’t seem to find it in yourself to do so then sorry to tell you this but they should dump you because they deserve better.

Most people will see this as a stereotype and overlook this, ok maybe it is, but ask yourself this; when was the last time you saw a man cry openly in front of their significant other or show venerability and not get criticized for it.

3.Being Too Possessive:

Being possessive is like adding salt to a dish, a little can give it some flavor but add too much will make the food uneatable.

You don’t want to keep being an over-possessive prick; your partner needs to know that you trust them and don’t think of them as a guy or a girl that sleeps around everywhere. Acting too possessive can cause your partner to feel that you don’t trust them or that you feel that they are not faithful. In both cases this news is painful, and most often people would rather end it then keep living with someone that is super controlling and possessive.

4.Frequent Mood Swings:

OK, so you had a bad day, you were in a rough mood, so it’s cool if you were a little harsh. That was logical, and your partner will understand, however, if your mood goes from 0 to a 100 in less than a minute you can’t really blame them for leaving.

Showing or embracing your emotions are great just don’t turn in to a bipolar person. An average individual can only handle so much before they decide that they had enough. This applies especially if your relation is kind of new, most people want a more emotionally stable person to spend their lives with. That said if you have a chronic condition, then this doesn’t apply to you. The people we are talking about are the ones that just treat themselves like royalty.

5.You Are Too Serious:

Ok, so maybe you are not that great with jokes or a little tease, but dude you don’t have to be the silent type 24/7.

Ok, so in your head, you are like he/she liked me cause I have this strong silent persona and they wanted this; sorry to burst your bubble no one can stand an emotional robot.

You gotta at least try to be a little more open and friendly with your partner, you don’t have to change who you are or anything completely but make an effort. Be more playful in bed, crack a joke every once in a while, compliment them, tease them a little, smile, laugh anything that shows you treat them differently. You don’t have to turn into a crazy party maniac suddenly. Go slow, try new things and see where you wanna go from there.

6.Too Much Criticism:

There is a super thin line between negative and positive criticism. And if you read what the above line had to say and you were thinking, hmm… wonder where that line starts?

You need to stop with the criticism. You already are doing the harmful kind. Helping out your partner with their flaws may seem like the right thing to do, but you have to keep in mind that you are with a grown person that can take offense to what you say if said in such a way.

You have to make sure that when you do criticize your partner, it was necessary that you do. And speaking of necessary, you must make sure that your language is supportive, you need to be their cheerleader, not the drunk coach that just yells at the players.

7.You Are Always Too Busy:

How can the heck you not have an hour of your time for the person you claim to love? Come on man if you really want your relationship to move forward you need to give your partner time.

Being busy is something everyone has to deal with, you should know as well. If you do have a super busy week coming, you need to make plans after that, so your significant other knows what you think about them; That they are just as important to you as is your job or whatever it was that kept you so busy.

Priorities people, priorities; if your partner feels ignored, then they will eventually move on.

8.They Are Bored:

Ok, so you can’t always be going on super exciting trips or at extreme parties yeah we get that. But if your partner is bored, then that means that you are not offering them the emotional connection. People want something when they enter into a relationship with someone they like. You know better than us why your girl/guy choose you and if they are bored, then it is up to you to get some spice in your relationship.

If you can’t do that they will just find someone that cares enough to do that.

9.Lack of Intimacy:

We know that people often get into a relation just because of the way the other person looks, sex is a powerful determinant in these kinds of situation. However, what they don’t take into account is that it can come to the point that you want to connect to the other person emotionally; but, you tow may not be compatible at that level.

Ok, what if you two did click on an emotionally level but are gradually moving away?

Whatever the reasons for that maybe you need to have a serious conversation with your partner about this situation. If you don’t act, now they will eventually leave you to be with someone that they feel a stronger emotional intimacy with.

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