9 Everyday Things That Lower a Man’s Sperm Count!


Sperm and all that sex-related stuff is kind of a sensitive topic for dudes. We are kind of conscious about these sorts of things. No matter how confident you are in yourself, as a man, there is something that definitely makes you feel like you are not as good as some of the other dudes out there, and infertility or having a low sperm count is one of the said cases.

I know, in your head you’re like no kids even if I nut in? Man, I want that! Give me some of that action! …no, you really don’t.

Imagine if you want to start a family and if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine, but most people do maybe not now, but they would like actually to have kids in the future.

We’re not talking about the obvious stuff like masturbation; these things are not sexually related but became a part of our lives as time passed. There is a lot that we don’t understand about our bodies, it’s a beautiful machine that we have here, but it is for us to keep it healthy and to run.

The following are a list of 9 things that you or your man probably do every single day that cause a low sperm count.

1.Your Laptop:


Laptops are great, right? I mean we have to either go to the office or go home to do our work, but now we just have like a mac book in our bags and presto instant workbench.

I’m sure when they were developing the laptop they didn’t plan for your family jewels. As the name suggests, you are supposed to keep your Laptop in your lap. And while it’s super convenient and all, it fries your nuts dude.

The heat coming from the laptop directly hits your lap and in the process your coho nays. That heat is what reduces sperm production over time, and that wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t use computers too much but you know so.

2.Long Hot Baths:


Yeah, heat is just a no, no. Hot showers are fun; everybody loves a nice hot shower. It’s relaxing, reduces stress, but it will reduce sperm. Again, guys heat is bad; your sperm count goes down as the temperature of the testicles raises.


So, just go easy on the temperature of the water. Try to take showers with mildly hot water or if you do have to use hot water cause its super cold and hypothermia doesn’t sound super fun as well keep the sessions short. Sorry, guys, it is what it is.

3.Your Phone:


You know that there’s a hidden feature in your iPhone x that they didn’t announce at the release; oh, you’ll love it it’s absolutely amazing, super advanced. Yeah, you ready for this one? Radiating your nut sack!

Your phone is usually in your pocket, your pant pocket. And it is constantly emitting radiation. Electromagnetic radiations are how they work, no matter what phone you have, your phone is gonna radiate your lucky charms.

Studies show that the heat and radiation that your mobile phone gives off can reduce your sperm motility by 8.1% and its viability by 9.1%. Ok, this is just getting harder and harder to keep your kids alive here. No computer and no phones? Sh ** man!

Well, you can have your phone in your pockets while you are out somewhere but just try to keep your phone not close to your fruity pebbles 24/7. It’s the prolonged exposure that does this.

4.Drinking and Smoking:


Not much good comes from drink or smoking; sure, it can be fun for like an hour or maybe two, but hangovers, kidney damage, liver damage and lung problems are just not worth it. On top of all of that, both drinking and smoking can cause to reduce your swimmers.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, drinking up to 5 units of liquor could affect the sperm quality in a man. Not only could it reduce the sperm count, but excessive drinking can also lower concentration and percentage of normal sperm.

Whereas smoking can cause harm to your DNA, eventually leading to sperm mutations. You might wanna cut back on the alcohol and smocking for general health, now that your sperm production is involved you got even more reasons to stop.



There is not a single thing that stress does good for your body so screw it why not mess with our sperm too.

All the bad things that stress can and does cause in our body could easily take up like a top 100 facts list, it’s that bad, so of course, it will mess you up in bed as well.

Lowering sperm count is just one of the sex-related things that stress is capable of triggering.


Stress hormones in your blood can cause you to have a lower sperm count, not only that it also causes a negative effect on your sperm production, sperm quality, and even erections.



Do you really need sunscreen on there? Because you shouldn’t put it there. One of the lesser known ones is sunscreen. Where you do need sunscreen for many reasons, but it is made in a lab, so there are going to be some side effects. Chemicals present in almost all sunscreen lotions can harm your sperm count.


So, it can reduce your sperm count by 33%.

Octinoxate found in most suntan lotions alter hormone levels, and another chemical oxybenzone slows sperm production. Just limit the time and wash off the sun cream immediately after coming inside. And, you should be good.

7.Much Soy in Your Diet:


So, for those of you who are not aware of what “Soy” is; it is soybeans. It is a pod found in East Asia.

Soy is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans or just anyone that is not into mean that much.

A kind of a bad thing that happens to males if they overeat of it is that soy mimics estrogen in the body. Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone so to speak so you can see how that can be a little problem for guys. Thus, in a way it is increasing the production of the female hormone in your body so it will have negative effects; you’re gonna see a decline in your male sex hormone. Again, too much of anything is bad for your health.

8.Tight Underwear:


Squeezing your sack for eight to nine hours is not healthy in anyway. Men, in general, need to be more careful when buying underwear. Your underwear is not the kind of thing you wanna be going cheap on. You wanna take care of your most sensitive body part. Buy good quality underwear that fits you properly.


Also, try on different types to see which ones are more comfortable for you; spending a little extra here will not be a waste trust us.



Being overweight is not good, it’s just not. Your body was not designed to live like this. There are so many normal functions, that being obese, you can’t do.


And one of the things that obesity effects are your infertility. Being overweight causes your estrogen levels to rise, and as we just talked about it, an increase in the female sex hormone will obviously mean a decrease in the male sex hormone, causing you to have low amount and quality of your sperm.

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