Want to change your body for the better? Well, you will have to work for it. Don’t worry though we are going to show you the best exercises that you can do to completely transform your body into your dream physique. Following are a few exercises that if you do about 10 minutes a day for 28 days, you will get that dream body.

The exercises:

So, for the most part, you will be doing these exercises at home, so we are going to be suggesting you exercises that don’t require the use of large equipment or weights. And if you are looking for a gym or weight training workout, we have plenty of other articles on those you can check those out.
Now, these exercises are going to focus heavily on your legs, butt, and stomach. Disclaimer, these exercises are not for beginners. If you are someone that hasn’t had any experience exercising you need to go and look at our workouts for beginners.

1.Sumo Squats:


If you really want to hit your legs and glutes, one of the best exercises you can do is the sumo squat. Not only will this help tone multiple body parts it will also help stretched them. While the traditional squat is a perfect exercise to get your legs into to shape and strengthen the muscles, sumo squats target the inner thigh more than the traditional squat. However, it remains a compound exercise there for you will have numerous benefits and being a beginner it is much prescribed for you. You don’t need any isolation exercises yet.

The inner thigh is also responsible for the “thigh gap” and is one of the more difficult places to target. So pick up the sumo squat, and you will see that thigh gap.

2.Side Planks:


Planks are a wonderful strength and resistance exercise, however, doing a traditional plank can have negative side effects on your lower back. If you do side planks, you can have all the benefits of the plank and not have the lower back risk.

With the help of the plank you can target your whole core as well as your back, shoulders and a bit of your arms as well. Again one exercise that will focus multiple muscle groups hence you will see faster results.

If you feel that the plank is too advanced for you, you can get similar benefits from another exercise called the bridge. Look it up and substitute it for the sideways plank. We will tell you this much that the hip bridge primarily focuses on the glutes. But it will work your core as well.Just make sure to keep your hips elevated, your core flexed and breathed normally.

3.Donkey Kicks:


Doing this exercise will help you hit your glutes, legs, and core. So you will get a lot of development from this exercise. Just make sure that you are not swinging your leg up. If you feel that you are not flexible enough or that you don’t have the strength to kick your leg that high without using momentum than you are not ready for this exercise.

You might be seeing a trend here, and that is for the best. As a beginner you are in no need to isolate or tear your muscles for further growth. What these exercise will allow you to do is maximize your energy. You will see much more results due to the nature of these exercise being short but explosive. So don’t focus too much on isolation, also there is no such thing as spot reduction so you must throw that thought out in the trash.

4.Single-Leg Touch:


Now you do need one small dumbbell for this one but you can do this without one, but that is for beginners. This exercise will help you develop your thigs and butt. You can also get rid of a pelvic tilt with this exercise.

Think of these are a more toned down version of a lunge. If you’ve just started working out your body needs a bit of time before your muscles can really handle something like a lunge or a jumping jack.

So in order to have you safely progress to the more straining workouts you need slow controlled movements like this. Make sure that your body doesn’t wobble, and if you are shaking try a lighter load and we would recommend you that you start without one just to see how strong are your legs.

5.Hip Dip:


And here is the exercise we had mentioned before when we were discussing the plank. Not much to this one, it is quite simple to do, but you do need a little upper body strength to do this one. Get in a sitting position with both of your hands a little away from your hips and your knees bent and joined together.

Now, move your hips forward into the air till you make a bridge of sorts with your torso. Remember to squeeze your butt as you come to the top.Now for those that are new to the whole exercising scene, planks are not a bad exercise. They do however offer more harm than good if done wrong. And since they require a lot of core strength and control we don’t recommend them to anyone that hasn’t built that mind-muscle connection yet.

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