20 Random Things Men Find Attractive.


It’s no secret, we as guys are really easy to turn on. Most guys just need a living breathing woman to do the trick. There’s just something about our minds that we can make anything sexual at times. More often than not, we do that just for laughs and just having a joke to tell when we are out with the boys, but there are some random things that we as dudes find really hot if a woman has or dose.

So, to day is going to be a little case study on the psyche of dudes, and ladies you will get to know what else your man may find attractive that you had no idea about.

Here are 20 random things that men find extremely attractive.

1.A Smaller Bust:

There’s this generalization about guys that; a guy only wants like big, gigantic boobs; DDs at the least.

But a little fact that most women may not know about is that a large number of guys actually prefer a smaller or average Brest size, and they are more attracted to one. This train of thought is because of all the media always portraying men desiring enormous jugs.

2.Brushing Your Hair Behind the Ear:

Its just one of those things that we as guys find really cute. When a girl gets her hair out of her face and puts em behind the ear, it’s a really attractive act for us guys. This one is not on the sexual side of things, but it just has something to do with a sudden feeling we get when we see our girl do that. You can do it like a million times a day, and we will watch every time we will.


Opposed to popular believe no guy wants a stupid girl, it doesn’t matter how hot she is if she is dumb you are going to suffer. A woman with a good sense of humor and sarcasm is super attractive to a man. We really appreciate a woman that has wit. Ladies, man love funny girls.

4.When She Can’t Reach:

So, this one is just so cute when it happens. We find it attractive if you can’t reach the top shelf or get something in a high place. Why may you ask? I don’t know, all I know is when my girl is trying to reach the coffee and can’t and shes on her toes trying to reach I always want to come from behind and hug her, kiss her on the neck and then hand her the coffee.

5.Cute socks:

One of the cutest things a girl can do is wear something that exposes her legs and wears cute sock. I’m talking about panda pattern, fluffy all over and up to her ankles. That is just so attractive; I kid you not you try this with you man he will drop everything that he’s doing and will cuddle you.

6.Back Dimples:

Having dimples on your lower back is something that not all girls have, but if you do, then you have one happy man. There’s just something about that dimple that we guys love. It’s something we can’t even describe why we like them but they get out attention so fast.

7.A Hobby That the Girl They’re with Is Passionate About:

It can be the gym, music, or even reading but if you have a hobby that you are very passionate about that is something that is super attractive to us as men. Seeing a girl put all that work, time and effort into something are just attractive.

8.Putting One Nail Polish:

Why is this a thing I’m really not sure, all I know is that all dudes find it really attractive when they see their woman in bed, putting one nail polish on her feet. I’m not talking about all men sharing a foot fetish here, just them doing that with such high concentrations is so cute and attractive.


Not the fake laugh; if a girl is laughing, like really laughing that is really attractive for men.

10.Something Only, We Know About:

If you have like a birthmark or a tattoo and it is someplace only we know about, then every time we see it we are reminded of the fact that you chose this dude to show it. And that is attractive as all s**t. We love that, so never be afraid if you have like a scar or birthmark on your body.

11.Their sent:

How a girl smells is one of those things that is very attractive to us. We love it when we get to smell our girl while we cuddle them and know this we know our girl’s sent and love only it. Yeah, we are all creeps.


This one I’m sure most girls know about but DAMN is it hot when a girl is wearing glasses. Nothing get’s our attention like the Liberian look.

13. Winter Cloths:

Gloves, hats, fur coats and all that is something that if you are rocking it will turn a lot of dudes’ heads guaranteed. It just gives off a vibe that the woman is very supplicated, and that is really attractive to us.


One of the absolute sexiest sounds a woman can make is to yawn; whenever a dude is with a girl, and she yawns you can be sure all of his attention was at her till she finished.


I’m sure that girls would agree with us on this one, dudes find it attractive if a girl can keep herself and her place clean. There’s no specific reason behind it, people like clean people.

16. Accepting a Complement:

If a guy says that you look beautiful just accept his compliment, there’s nothing that puts us off then when we compliment a girl, and she keeps saying things like oh stop I’m so fat or ugly. We love a woman that can take a compliment but try not be in the “I know” category.

17.When Girls Scratch Themselves:

Not a lot of guys get to see this and where girls may believe that we don’t care or be weirded out but it’s something that we want to see. You may be scratching your head at the moment but be sure your guy wants to see that.

18.When They Are Confidant in Themselves:

If a girl seems happy and confident with who she is, that is one of the biggest turns on a guy can have. Shy or loud, if a girl is happy with her persona then we are gonna stare cause that is attractive.

19. Carrying A Water Bottle:

Maybe because it’s every guy’s fantasy that a girl will be pouring water on herself while being all sexy that we automatically notice if you have a small water bottle with you; again, it could be that we find that your bottle as a symbol that you work out or do cardio, i.e., a passion.

20.When You’re on Your Phone:

Random moments when you look at you girl, and she is on the phone, maybe watching a video or taking pics whatever that is a moment we spot and acknowledge what a beautiful girl we have with us. I know it’s odd, but we were built this way we can’t help it; you guys look super cute when you are on the phone making those faces while using Snapchat or Instagram.

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