20 Creepiest Things That Have Been Captured On-Camera By Google Maps


There are a lot of instances that happen with people that they can’t explain. Yes, we’ve all had someone that knew somebody that had something strange [Inserted: ,]happened to them. Something so creepy that it still keeps them up at night. We usually love hearing such stories as they are fun and partly because we don’t really see such ever happening to us, you know because we don’t believe in the supernatural. However, things don’t have to be superhuman to freak us out, and the following pics are just an example of Here are 20 pictures that were taken by Google that will creep you out.

1.Hands in the Air:

Looking at it you would never think that this is a satellite image taken by Google without any sort of Photoshop. It is so odd to see that there is a clear outline of a human body without any human interference.

2.What the?

We have no clue what are those, this is a province in, and you can see these shapes from space or a high enough altitude.


This placement of stone can’t be natural, but there is no human civilization near this area.


Can you make out what kind of a creature that is? If you can please do contact us.


If that thing is real, I’m canceling my cruise. Even though one can say it might be a whale, but the anatomy isn’t right.


I have no idea what is going on here. Imagine seeing this creepy thing in your backyard.

7.What the heck?

Is that man naked? And there’s a dog there as well, why isn’t the dog at alert? And is that his car? The F***


Why would anyone make that there? Was there a town there once? You know thins could be a great start to a horror movie.


That is super creep, knowing that this happened. Who knows what it leads to.


How is that car parked on the wall? Spiderman? Could it be a poster right?

11.Another body:

Not only the place looks like a ghost town there is only a woman lying on the street. Yep, nothing creepy here right.


So is it just me or can you guys see that face as well? Cause it’s staring at me…how rude.

13.What is that?

Looks like a blimp but a transparent one? Or maybe something else? Whatever it seems like it’s something big and fast.


Is that blood? Or did the map malfunction? In any case, no one is going to look at this and be happy. You know I was going to make a joke here but decided not to.

15.Ghost airplane?

Some serious problems are going on with Google. They need to get better equipment or something. These pics are getting way too weird.


That is huge, how would anyone be able to make that thing. Even if someone found that time to do that, this place has no people living there.


Anyone want to know what that is because I don’t. Why would anyone buy a doll or whatever it is like that? Dude, you might scare yourself to the hospital.

18.Wow again:

That is a colossal bunny mate…even so, that thing was not well made. That is no kids dream toy people.


The mannequin factory had a malfunction? No? Hey, that makes sense ok. Even if it is creepy as heck you know that is what happened or something like that.

20.Hope Everyone’s Ok:

One of the creepiest pics that you will find online are of accidents. They are a genuine threat and can happen to anyone. That very same thought is what makes them so uncomfortable to watch.

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