12 Reasons Why Boys Can’t Handle a Real Woman!


Confident, strong, and bold that is the type of woman we are talking about here. A woman that doesn’t need a boy in her life to survive but looks for a real man to share her life.

We understand that this does not apply to all men out there, but there is a large number of guys that would rather go for a girl then a strong, independent woman. The presence of such a woman is threatening to them and their so-called “manhood” whatever that means. These types of guy are always shying away from a woman that can take charge and most of the time this is a good thing. A real woman deserves a real man, not some punk that wants to feel macho by being the man of the house.


Following are 12 reasons why these boys can’t handle a strong, sophisticated and confident woman.

#12 You Can’t Force Them:


A real woman sticks to her beliefs and moral values, and so if you want her to do something that she is not down with, then sorry buddy you can’t force her. An independent woman knows that she has the right to accept or reject your requests and that whatever you ask of her is a request, not a rule that she has to follow even if she knows that she should not.

A strong woman will welcome your opinion and, if be a good one, will accept it. They have a brain, and they know damn well how to uses it, boy.

#11 No Bulls***t:


A real woman stays away from mind games and all that petty bull, so if you wanted to be a player, you better run on home little boy because she will smell your bulls**t from a mile away. Guys can’t run plays on them nor can they pull one over them; so, most boy will a 100% ignore getting in a relationship with a woman they can’t control and lie to without getting caught. These women won’t give you a second chance and most probably know that you are about to cheat or lie. A boy can’t handle such a woman.

#10 A Strong Woman Demands You to Grow:


All the snapback hats and wearing pants down to your knees that’s all gonna stop. A real woman will not only be mature herself but demand that you be as well.

She won’t hesitate to show a little tough love when the time comes. If you are with a strong and independent woman there will be positive criticism, and you need to have the stomach to accept that yes you have those flaws, and yes you need to outgrow them, and the only reason you have not, is because of this or that.

You need to understand that if she is pointing out one of your flaws, it is because she believes that you can overcome it. She has faith that you can learn from this and grow as a person, something that will benefit you in the long run. A boy won’t see that, what he sees that a chick is telling me what to do? F that!

#9 Unconditional Love:


Not only will she offer you unconditional love but she demands the same in return. And to be completely honest she most likely deserves it; a strong indented woman often times breaks the general norms, and with that said she needs a guy that can actually love her regardless of what the social norms of their society are.

She knows her worth and yours, so if you show her the love she does you, then trust us you will be on lucky guy. However, most boys can’t get on board with giving unconditional love and tend to be quite judgmental. Most are just straight up allergic to being faithful and will run after any random one nightery if they know that their girl won’t find out, and so they need a girl, not a woman.

#8 She Isn’t Gonna Wait:


If a woman is confident in who she is that means that she knows her worth. She knows that she needs to be treated in a certain way otherwise it lowers her respect, something that’s a big no, no for a real woman.

If you are going to mistreat a real woman, in any way, she will give you a chance to fix your attitude but if you think that she will put up with that crap you are mistaken. The moment she gets even a hint of disrespect from you for her, she is gone.

And you may think you’ll get her back, but that’s not happening, buddy. You will need to earn her trust back, and that’s only if she thinks that you deserve a chance to do that. Otherwise, you ain’t seeing her ever again.

#7 She Has Passion:


To get to the point that you have confidence in yourself, you are strong in the face of problems and do something that breaks the social norm. You got here going through a lot; people like a pattern and anyone either male or female breaks that people give them a hard time for it, so a woman that has done all that for a job, a dream or a hobby that is her passion.

The thing about passionate people is that they have a drive inside them, they need to achieve their passion, and for that, they need support form other and often times that means fighting along side them for their passions; that is something a boy would not want himself getting into. Hey, he just liked her butt man, he didn’t sign up for this.

#6 She Needs Consistency and Honesty:


If you want to have a fruitful relationship with a real woman you need to prove that you are putting in the effort, that you want this relation to move forward and prosper.

To convince someone of that requires you to be honest with them, share things with them and most importantly be consistent with your efforts. You can’t be going all in whenever she gets mad and then when she cools down act like she doesn’t exist and run off with your bros for a night out.

The good thing about an independent woman is that she won’t force you for this, not one bit. She will ask you of this, and when she sees that you can’t, she’ll walk away. She was fighting the battle way before she ever met you and she knows that she’ll be ok with you because she was doing pretty great all on her own.

#5 You Can’t Lie to Them:


A woman with such a background of struggle and endurance can’t be lied to that easily. Growing up with such conditions makes one understand people better and how one would react in a situation. If she is with you 24/7, you really think you can lie to her?

If you have made a mistake, then own up to it. If you are dating a strong and independent woman, we guarantee you that she will respect you more if you admit that you made a mistake. Unfortunately, boys seem to have a hard time owning up to the mistakes that they make and usually find excuses to get out of the situation. So, a woman like that will be a no-go for any guy that unconsciously knows that she is not gonna take any of his crap.

#4 She Won’t Be Intimidated:


If there’s one thing that a real woman knows how to do is stand up for her right or for things that she knows is right.

Furthermore, if she wants something from you, she is gonna ask. She rather tells you what she wants then act like a girl and keep you guessing. And this kind of woman will fight back if she feels that she has been done wrong. Many guys can’t handle such a female that has the confidence to fight off intimidation. She doesn’t go all apeshit crazy, but calmly assess the situation and takes the best action for the time.

#3 They Like a Man That Shows Vulnerability:


Being with someone like that means that there are going to be conversations that will have to be open up to them, show your woman that you are vulnerable.

A real woman wants to have deep conversations with you, for you to actually have the intelligent to talk about actual life problems. We understand that opening up to someone is a rather scary thought not just for men, but you are with that person. You are sharing a life together so believe you owe them that much trust.

That is one of the things that guys take a little weirdly; no feelings or touchy stuff. It’s sad to see that men become conditioned as such that they feel ashamed to even cry at funerals.

#2 They Are Doers:


They have ambitions; they have desires and all of that they know how to get.Women that are independent and headstrong are among of the doers. They do things, they are not going to wait for a reason or that they don’t have the time. They will make time if they have to and that is something that scars most men. If you don’t support their dreams chances are they will leave you before they do the dream and to be fair if you do truly love someone you can’t deprive them of their dream.

You don’t have to make too big of a sacrifice, but you have to stand by them and not get in their way.

#1 She Is Independent:


Being independent can mean a lot of things. Financially independent, or perhaps emotionally, but most importantly they keep you in their lives because they want you not because they need you. Being independent doesn’t mean that they won’t cherish the small things you do for them like open a door or cook her breakfast or pay for dinner. What it means is that she won’t wait for you to treat her right. And you need to keep making an effort just like her to keep the relationship healthy. She will pull her own weight but only if you do as well.

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