10 Times People Missed The Joke So Bad, They Made Fools Out Of Themselves In Front Of The Whole Internet


We will be the first ones to admit that we can be oblivious to a joke or two at times. While we are saying that we also have to come clean that the people on this list here just took that to such a new level that it almost seems that they were drunk or something when they were having these conversations.
Here are 10 people that missed to mark by yards.


Most people confuse the monster with the good doctor. To be fair, we don’t think that the monster even has a proper name…if anyone knows more on that do let us know. We do wonder however, is Frankenstein’s monster what lead to the creation of the modern zombie?

You do have to see the similarities in the two creatures. Both undead and walking among the living. There is a lack of the whole flesh eating part but still.

2.A chicken on the road:

While most people think that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, but oh let us tell you…he really doesn’t. Poor guy, we hope that this never happens to you in public.

Ever wondered what the guy that came up with this joke was thinking about. What was the first version of this joke?

3.A linguistic error:

To be fair, this person was just too smart for their own good. They say everything should be in moderation. We guess that even includes proper grammar. Hope that others got what he was trying to do.

For us personally this hits home. We are too from a more literary background therefore it is amusing to see such blunders as we made them all the time.

4.Dark humor:

While this joke is something that can be classified as funny but we find it somewhat unsettling. Hopefully, the whole scenario was one joke and they really didn’t kill one of their friends for a stupid joke.

For those that think that we are being serious relax, we are just trying to imitate the inner thoughts of the person that commentated on the post in the first place.

5.Here comes the sarcasm:

It is getting very confusing on who was the one that was being sarcastic here. Nonetheless, the second individual did get served so. It is quite rare to find such a master of the sarcastic arts. Usually people don’t seem to acknowledge this fine skill, but rather they see it as being a wise ass.

6.Some people just don’t get it:

We can still give this guy a break. Not everyone automatically knows what a Russian doll is like. So this guy does get a pass…so technically he isn’t on this list… just forget we counted this guy, ok?
Ok! Now that this is out of the way we can get back to the people that deserve to be here.

7.Such a loving soul:

Such a loving and caring person. He doesn’t let something like race get in between love and true happiness. Would’ve given him more credit if he did that before he got married. 😉 wink, wink.
It is funny how all comedy comes from misfortune. Doesn’t matter whose, just matters it be presented in the perfect package.

8.Out of the Orange:

For those that didn’t get it like our friend right here, the pun is on the phrase out of the blue. Yeah, and it was a pretty funny one at that.

Why did we have to explain this one? We were sure there would get it easily, but our editor got all up in a fit about…moving one!

9.It already did missy:

Sorry madam you might be very smart, but this battle went to your comic friend over there. Do try to read the texts a few times and see if you can catch what happened there. Who knows maybe you are too smart for our simpleton comedy.

10.You might be the perfect match for her:

Sir, she definitely needs a man like you, not the one she is currently with. Someone like you will keep an eye on her, and she’ll always be careful not to mess around with you, cause you sir don’t miss a thing.

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