07 People who’ll Simply Provoke You to Laugh Your Socks Off


Are you funny? Isn’t that a weird thing to think about? Sure most people strive towards being the most popular individual in their social circle but not all try to be funny. Well, it isn’t that surprising if one puts a second thought to it. Most people don’t really relate humor to maturity, or more accurately people think that we won’t be taken seriously if we aren’t being super serious all the time.

However, the reality is that this is just not true. Having a nice sense of humor is a blessing. If you have one flaunt it around and you will see that people will have even more respect for you as being funny requires brains.
That was a little life tip for anyone that was feeling a bit “constrained.” And since we are such big fans of comedy why not dive into some? Here we have one of the best kind of comedy that can be produced; the kind that is done online. Here are 10 people that are just too funny and should go into comedy in the future.

1. Smart:

If you really think about it you should be really careful. Those FBI guys don’t take too kindly to anyone searching these words, especially in that order. Also, no one likes having their place SWAT-ed that’s for sure.
So if anyone has to do a risky research paper or a case study they should probably adopt this method here. Aside from the comedy this person really knows what’s up. They are not going to jail any time soon and that is how it should be, don’t try to mess with the people that can whoop you behind as a part of performing their duties. So many people need to learn this one simple life hack to not get their butt beat in the street.

2. Oh My!

Aside from having to buy a new pair of socks this person is really finding the silver lining in a frustrating situation. We don’t know what it is but when we have that one thread hanging out we just have to get rid of it and for some reason, there is never any scissors laying around anywhere close.

For those that don’t think this is that funny well, you haven’t done this then have you? And more importantly, how can you not have done this in all the years you have lived on this planet! Are all your clothes just always perfect all the time? Never have you once went for a discount clothing item that went sour on you?
Yeah, we don’t believe you on that one, not really buying it.

3.Plain Donut?

Ha! That is what you thought! That is not just a plain donut…well, shit…no desert tonight. Still, have to give her credit cause not to say that we’re afraid of snakes but it isn’t much you can offer users to even touch a snake with that level of calm. God damn, no all we can think about is donuts. Maybe we should get a few while we are on work or maybe we can wait till we get off work. Let us know in the comments down below what sort of donuts you donuts you love. To be completely honest we really don’t like the ones with sprinkles on them. Man brownies are super nice as well…oh and cake…yeah we are not gonna be able to do that diet.

4. No money!

Now for those that don’t understand why this is funny, that means that you haven’t met a spoiled rich kid online yet. Well, sir or madam, you are a very lucky soul and you should refrain from ever searching what those creatures are. We are telling you this for the safety of your mental health.

Just trust us on this one, noting can get to that level of cringe. Instead, you should use the internet the way it was meant to be. Watch cat videos and funny stuff online and also for that thing that you can’t disclose…what you looking at? We know you do that don’t try and lie to us mate. Just make sure that you don’t waste all your days in that sort of thing, it can get really addictive.

5.Such a caring person:

Not only has this person found a way to keep the lid up…the wait was that a thing? No, no it’s not the lid that women have a problem with, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah it’s about keeping the toilet seat down. So why is this person keeping what we can only assume is their, or someone they know, underwear? Ok, ok we are letting the point get away from us.
So the funny part here is something that we would advise you to copy as it is just a funny thing to do. The person here took a pic of their toilet and put it right on there. Sure it isn’t something that makes sense but it’s super funny especially if you don’t see it coming. Right as we were writing this we kind of realized that it would also seem a bit creepy to do so to some people…

6. You know it, bro!

This is downright hilarious as this is the truth, this is liberation, and this is justice. Dude if you are not gonna help me pay the bill, not wear any warm clothes and it’s not even a cold month that you bet we are not letting you touch that dial. What? You think this job pays well? Hahahahahahaha oh yeah it pays really well.
Yeah, so no your highness I am not going to turn up the heat! Other than that, just see this as your place mate. An absolute pleasure to have you here. There is some juice in the fridge and perhaps some leftover turkey so if you are feeling a bit low on steam you can help yourself to some of that too. Welcome to our home!

7. One for the ladies:

If you were living under a rock or if you are a dude than you really didn’t know much about the whole wings look that girls are super crazy about for the last decade. So if you haven’t been dating in a while, the wings eye look is two pointy things coming out of the side of their eyes.

Yeah, we are real experts on makeup as you can tell by the in-depth detail we just gave. Just go look at any makeup tutorial online on YouTube and you’ll know why is this super funny. Or you can just show this pic to your lady and watch her giggle, you’ll figure it out sooner or later. Disclaimer we are not or never have been an expert on makeup; that’s Hannah’s job.

It’s like he slept on top of a frying in a pan with spiders or something.

Don’t say lmao too much, it really fell off for her.

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